Aims & Objectives

1. To acquire/keep perfect health (physically & mentally), intellectual upliftment, spiritually highness and to provide proper direction leading lives among people through Mother Science Quality Yogic Techniques with stress free preaching.

2. To bring/enlighten moral and ethical values in the society through Jnana Yoga(treasure of wisdom), capacity building and yama & niyama activities and to eradicate thought pollution and air pollution duly focusing basic devotional divine principles through conducting scientific yajnas.

3. To conduct personality development seminars/ workshops/lectures by inviting experts and dignitaries belonging to various fields and need to adhere to the rules and regulations as well as the norms and practices set by our institute.

4. Elaborate the main three important constituents Ahar, Vihar and Vichar in scientific manner.

5. To encourage yoga for play school starting from LKG standard, school children and college students to improve memory power.

6. To conduct main yogic packages, competitions, summer camps and other various branches of yoga i.e., Hasya, Nrutya, Bhakti, Music therapy and Naturopathy to the various institutions, colonies, family systems, societies, clubs, organizations, schools, colleges, offices and departments where they are busy in speedy yug and unable to attend this yoga institution.

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