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All India Yoga Culture Federation needs no new introduction to our friends. During the short span of time from 1984 to 2014 the said federation has been able to penetrate itself through the mind of people of varying ages in different corners of India with courage, Idea of Yogasana. The Said federation was founded by late Mr. Universe Monotosh Roy and late Nabendu Saha – International Judges with some other interested members. The basic aim of the federation is to bring people particularly the youths for the preaching the missionary and ideal of physical culture. The educators today pointing out the needs of Yogasana – Sports and whole citizen of India also aware of the importance of good health and sound body through practicing Yogasana with this federation. The federation is registered under societies act of 1961. The federation at present is running under the guidelines of AYUSH (an autonomous body under the Dept. of Health, Family Welfare, Govt. of India)

The federation has its 25 (twenty five) state association affiliated rendering their supports to propagate and popularize “Yogasana – Sports” to establish “Sound Health and Mind is important for Nation Building” into a strong belief. The federation has produced many national and international title holders in recent years. This massive achievement during the short period has only been emerged out through the sacrifice, trials & tribulations of the sincerest and benevolent members, patrons, and well-wishers of the federation. The federation has reached in the interior corners/villages side by side to establish and promote the Art of Yogasana to the forthcoming young generation and particular. Today the federation has been crowned as the largest competitor producers in India.

Many Central Ministers, State Ministers, Sports Dignitaries, Industrialists, Social Workers are engaged with us for the promotion this particular sport. We do hope you all will definitely support us to develop the awareness of physical, mental and spiritual development through “YOGASANA” in particular.

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